Creating the Path to Meeting Your Future Self

Creating the Path to Meeting Your Future Self

10-10-1. Ten years, ten dreams, and one goal. This is the practice it takes to walk the path of meeting your future self. To create the best version of YOU that you want to be.

Here is what you will gain in this 6-hour workshop on creating your vision board:

You will receive a workbook that will help you unlock the possibilities to create the person you strive to be. Michelle will walk you through this workbook to help lay the foundation of your journey.

You will spend time creating a vision of empowering thoughts and images to motivate you to complete your goals.

You will have the opportunity to network with and be inspired by other people who share the same journey of being the best version of themselves.

Per person; min 25 people

"Change is Inevitable but Personal Growth is a Choice." - Bob Proctor

Are you ready to change your old ways and begin a new and better life? If so, please send a message and let me support you on your path.