Learning and Overcoming Your Unconscious Bias

Learning and Overcoming Your Unconscious Bias

Do you really know the people you serve? 

Let’s face it, working with people is not always easy. It can be frustrating and downright exhausting if you are honest with yourself. When you look back on those times of frustration, you will realize that it was our core beliefs that often got in the way.

Michelle created this workshop to help people identify their unconscious biases and how they get in our way of building those relationships with the people we serve. This workshop has break-out groups, class participation, and activities to challenge yourself to replace those old, preconceived thoughts and feelings, thereby creating new habits to serve your clients more effectively.

She creates a fun and safe space to recognize your personal biases by sharing her own experiences and teaches you the steps to overcome them. You will also hear from a diverse panel who share their stories of adversity and how they overcame other people’s biases by discovering their own.

You will leave this training feeling empowered to make the personal changes needed to be the best version of yourself to serve others better.

Investment: Price will be determined based on the need of the organization.

"Change is Inevitable but Personal Growth is a Choice." - Bob Proctor

Are you ready to change your old ways and begin a new and better life? If so, please send a message and let me support you on your path.